At Talarico and Associates, we allow our clients the flexibility to choose when and how to view their accounts. We offer two access points for our clients.

Talarico and Associates: This client portal powered by eMoney is designed to be the go to site for our clients to see their entire financial picture in one place. It is also used as our financial planning tool for those clients that we have a financial planning relationship with. 

Click the LOGO below to enter the Talarico and Associates secure site and follow the prompts to create your account. You can than bookmark the login page or just come back to this site, click to logo and put in your credentials.


Wealthscape: Wealthscape is a detailed account monitoring service for assets held within National Financial Services LLC ("NFS") brokerage accounts. Clients wanting easy online access to their NFS account information are only a few minutes away from registering with Wealthscape. Once registered, clients will have access to live-updated NFS account information, including their electronic statements and tax information. Clients will also have the ability to update account information and, if they download the mobile app, will be able to deposit checks right into their accounts. 

Click the LOGO below to enter the secure site of National Financial.

Watch this video on how to enroll in Wealthscape: (best viewed in full screen) or follow the written instructions below.


Enrollment Steps:

  1. On the Wealthscape Investor Sign In page, select Register.
  2. Verify Identity by providing the requested information
  3. Select Next
  4. Enter your nine-digit NFS brokerage account number, and select Next
  5. Enter a new password by following the Password Guidelines, and then select a security question and answer (SQA) information
  6. Select Next. A confirmation states that the registration was successful and provides the 10-digit user ID. Confirmation can by printed by selecting the Print Icon
  7. Select Continue to Home Page